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Sharing your pages is the BEST way to build your skills, be inspired with new strategies and ideas, and spark motivation and excitement to keep you journaling nature!

We share our pages as an exchange of information rather than to be critiqued.

We give and receive positive meaningful feedback to keep us going. We are all in different stages in our nature journaling journey and we can support each other.

When we all share, we get lots of ideas for different strategies and topics for nature journaling. Come visit our online sharing space here and bookmark the page!

This is not an art class

This is not an art class, so we do not focus on pretty pictures. I know there are those of you who may be intimidated by making art.

Instead of drawing to create a pretty page, we use drawing to learn. Drawing something helps us to observe it more closely and hone our awareness. We are training our eye, brain and hand to work together to document the subject in your journal!

Progress over perfection

Drawing is a skill. Therefore it will improve with intentional practice– or “pencil miles”. The more we draw the better it will get.

In nature journaling we focus on how we see nature, and how we record what we experience. So, in other words, the process instead of the product (page).

How to give feedback

Rather than respond with “Beautiful” (even if you think it IS beautiful) try to think of something specific that you noticed about how they approached the subject. What did the person notice? What did they record? What are you curious about after looking at their page?

Padlet Instructions:

  • Go to the MBNJC Sharing Page in your web browser
  • Create a User account- it’s free–(otherwise your posts will say “Anonymous”!)
  • Go to the Introductions column and let us know who and where you are from.
  • Post in Topic Columns: Click on the PLUS sign under the title of the column. Title your post and add notes about it in description, then click the three dots to upload a photo.
  • Comments: The purpose is to practice our skills of observation.

Look at a member’s page, and find something in the notice-wonder-reminds data that seems cool to you and let them know. What do you notice- what do you see that they’ve captured, or questioned, or noticed?

The Padlet App

Optional: Instead of using an internet browser you can also download the Padlet app for phone and devices.

Questions? You can post them in the Questions column in Padlet. Are you stuck? Post here or reach out to me by email: sparkinnature@gmail.com

Sharing our pages during a nature journaling field trip.

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