Skyward Salutations: Clouds (Video)

Autumn seems to have the most amazing skies. We’ll look upwards for inspiration today!

We always have access to the sky even if we cannot get to a special place in nature. The sky is different every day and changes hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute, so there is always something to observe.

Let’s dive into learning about clouds, how to identify some basic types, characteristics, and how to nature journal them. By observing clouds in the sky, we sharpen our nature awareness, improve the ability to discern patterns, develop knowledge of how to read the sky for the weather, as well as enjoying the stress-relieving benefits of cloud watching!

Grab your nature journal and favorite writing tools and let’s dive into journaling the sky!

A cloud study page. After I piqued my curiosity about clouds and ready to learn more about them, I went to a field guide. I illustrated what I learned, so that I can remember it better.

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