Journaling with Nature Podcast Interview

I had the pleasure and honor to be interviewed by Bethan Burton, host of the podcast, Journaling with Nature.

Bethan is an artist, nature journal educator, and founder of International Nature Journaling Week. Recently, she and I sat down virtually for a conversation about nature journaling.

You can listen to the interview here.

From Bethan’s website:

Melinda Nakagawa is a scientist, nature connection mentor and nature journal teacher. Melinda has a background in marine biology and brings a scientist’s eye to her nature journal observations. Her work is all about gently guiding others to connect with the natural world by tapping into curiosity and wonder. In this way, Melinda is able to bridge nature, science, art and heart in her work.

Listen to hear more about:

  • Melinda’s early nature experiences on her family flower farm.
  • Melina’s ‘spark bird’ and how she came to ornithology.
  • How sharing our joy of nature with others can be a gift that just might change a person’s life.
  • The international community of nature journalers that is growing due to the changes that have happened globally in 2020.
  • The benefits of an online format for nature journaling communities.
  • How nature journaling in community can be fun and encouraging.
  • How to give feedback that encourages and guides others, without focusing on pretty pictures.
  • Leaning into the ‘heart’ while nature journaling and how we can begin to go at nature’s pace.

Bethan has a warm and welcoming way of connecting with her guests and teasing out rich, heartfelt conversation. She interviews nature journalers from around the world, to learn about their early time in nature, what brought them to nature journaling, about their practice.

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