July 12 Brown Bears: MB Nature Journal Club (video)

Brown bears feasting on salmon in Katmai National Park.

This morning I stumbled upon a live web cam at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA. Salmon were leaping out of the water, attempting to jump upstream. Brown bears were chewing on freshly-caught salmon sashimi. The falls, the pool, the island, and the scenery were so amazing. I immediately grabbed my nature journal and started quickly sketching.

The camera panned back and forth and zoomed into some of the bears. I had to sketch quickly before the scene changed! It was a bit tough to get into the groove of gesture sketching rapidly, but soon I felt in the flow.

I nature journaled for about 15 minutes. I felt exhilarated and energized!

What we’ll be doing

So, for this Sunday I thought we would take a virtual visit to see live brown bears foraging on salmon.

Quick sketches are great practice to train our eyes, brain and hand to work together in drawing what we see. I’ll share with you tips on how to make quick sketches, and we’ll spend about an hour live sketching the bears of Katmai together!

This of this as a training session and getting LOTS of pencil miles!

Meeting Link:

Sundays in July, 09:30 AM Pacific (US and Canada)

Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/604293250?pwd=ZG9JZ00vZ1hpVmM0aFVvd2t2NGR5Zz09

Meeting ID: 604 293 250
Password: nature

What to bring

Open to all levels!

Have a journal or paper, and a pencil. Color pencils or watercolor optional.

And bring your curiosity and willingness to try!

$20 Suggested Donation. Your contribution keeps these events available to all. Thank you for your support!


For July 12: Katmai Brown Bears

Map of Katmai National Park:

Watch Bears Live: Brooks Falls

Brown Bear FAQ National Park Service: For information on the brown bears at Katmai

Brown Bears meditation: Highlights video:

Underwater salmon cam at Brooks Falls

Recording of July 12 meeting

Nature Journal Gallery

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