In the news! Nature journaling is more than drawing

I was recently interviewed for an article that came out in the Monterey County Weekly paper.

You can read it here. or read a PDF version here. It so exciting to have nature journaling getting more exposure!

I’m celebrating this will all of you who have been on this nature journaling journey with me- whether you are a participant, supporter, student or teacher.

In the beginning

In 2019, I started the Monterey Bay Nature Journal Club. It began with one attendee, and slowly it grew to 5-8 people. Then March 2020 began the start of my online work… offering weekly Monterey Bay Nature Journal Club sessions over zoom.

I reached out to local institutions and taught online session through the museums, libraries and Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it quickly grew to getting over 100 people per session. So many were curious about nature journaling and were discovering the joys of nature exploration.

I see that folks are craving human connection, as well as nature connection. Sharing nature journaling is a lovely vehicle for this.

How it works

After the past couple years, so many people were driven to spending more time online. And perhaps technology has replaced real-life interactions–but the more time spent on technology and screens without breaks can create stress in our nervous systems, overloaded with dings and alarms, and tons of posts to scroll through, and can become overwhelming.

That’s when a nature journal can help you unplug from your phone and get out into nature. It can be a great tool to help you slow, focus and enjoy.

Nature is healing— a huge body of research supports the fact that nature has a tremendous positive influence on our mind, body, heath, sense of well-being, spirit, and life!

That’s what keeps me going– to bring YOU closer to the natural world and create your OWN relationship.

I’ve facilitated over 300 hours of online sessions over the past couple years, and now, dozens of in-person sessions.

But it started small. And I kept going, following my passion for reconnecting people to nature, one journal page at a time.

Journal sharing Monterey gardens-2019

How about you?

Are you a nature journaler? How has noticing nature and recording your experience in a journal changed your perspectives or life?

Have you invited a friend to share nature journaling with you?

Anyone can start a group to share your love of nature. Mine started small. I had one person attend my first nature journal club in 2019. Then it grew to about 8 in a couple months.

I’d love to hear your answers and experience! Please share in our Spark Circles online community here.

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