Take a winter wander

Winter is a quieter time for nature.

Deciduous trees have dropped their leaves and prepare to rest. The shrubs and herbaceous plants have shriveled or died back, and underground, bulbs and tubers prepare to push new leaves in the coming weeks.

Some animals that have fattened up for the winter prepare to hibernate while some others leave the area for warmer latitudes.


Winter Wander

In the next few days I invite you to take a wander to explore what goes on in winter in your nearby nature. Go where nature takes you, and tune into what draws your attention. Take your time- Its about the journey and not the destination!

Takahiro Sakamoto unsplash.com
  • Grab your coat, a pencil and a pocket notebook or your journal. Or leave your journal behind.
  • Go outside and wander without an agenda or particular plan of where you’ll go.
  • When you step outside begin to use your observational skills that you’ve been honing through nature journaling.
  • Use your senses: what do your hear, see, touch or smell?
  • Notice the ground– are there leaves or soil? are there rocks or weeds?
Tiny mushrooms with redwood cone. photo M. Nakagawa
  • Look up skyward: what is going on in the sky today: clouds, clear, sunny, rain, snow? How about tall trees- are they deciduous or evergreen?? Do they still have leaves? Do they have needles or broad leaves?
  • You can jot down notes in your notebook. When you come home, pull out your journal and record your experience and impressions.

Did anything surprise you? Did anything make you smile? Did it spark any questions about anything?


I look forward to seeing what you have to share!

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