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What people enjoy about Melinda’s Classes:

Melinda is an amazing teacher and her classes are very well organized. She nurtures an inclusive and supportive community so even newbies like myself don’t feel overwhelmed. Her style of teaching is very relaxing and reminds us to continue paying attention to things around us, pique our curiosity, and cultivate mindfulness in our lives. I absolutely love the community she has built because we can share with each other openly without any negative criticism.

Helen G, Teacher. Participant in Spark your Bird Love

Melinda is a wonderful teacher with her no pressure , gentle style and knowledge of art and nature! She has opened my eyes to the nature that is all around me and enhanced my active curiosity. My drawing skills have improved and I am less of a critic of my own Nature Journaling. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Loved SPARK Your Bird Love class!!!

Hope Rubin, Nurse. Spark your Bird Love participant

Melinda is a wonderful teacher and person. She is very knowledgeable and yet very humble. I have learned so many new skills and tools for nature journaling and she really sparked my curiosity and awareness for all nature around me. I am an art teacher myself and Melinda’s teaching has a huge impact on my own way of teaching. Thank you Melinda ♥️

Barbara Golden, Art teacher,

I have taken several of Melinda’s classes. I was an art teacher for 33 years, and I can affirm that Melinda is a master teacher. She is one of the few nature journaling educators who actually will show you HOW to nature journal. It’s not about the materials or artistic ability with Melinda’s classes. It’s all about learning how to slow down, open your senses, and record your observations. The classes are extremely effective, regardless of your ability level…even if you have no artistic ability. Melinda has a warm, friendly, and encouraging personality, and you can’t help but to learn from her.

Walter Mahoski, Art Teacher and Elementary School Principal retired.

“I have learned from Melinda how to approach my own nature journaling and art work with scientific inquiry. Combining years of my own artistic aspirations with Melinda’s approach has opened a new world for me and for my many grandchildren. She is a wonder!”

Jan Ruby-Crystal, retired Art Professor, participant in Spark your Bird Love and MBNJC

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