Mindset matters: Small shifts for ease and joy in nature journaling (video)

Our beliefs and attitudes shape how we interact with the world, and with nature journaling. Sometimes we may get stuck in old beliefs that prevent us from moving forward. Whether you’re new to nature journaling or been journaling for a while, you’ll find something that sparks a fresh perspective.

We will explore some common issues and practice some strategies to release the old patterns, and welcome more ease, joy and wonder into our nature journaling practice.

This was a workshop presented for International Nature Journaling Week 2021.

What do you want to get out of your nature journaling? What gets in the way of you getting it?

Melinda discusses some common issues we face that prevent us from reaching our nature journaling goals, and share some practices that can help break us out of the cycle of fear, guilt, limitation, perfectionism.

Start where you are: Its about the journey from HERE to THERE

Throw out Labels: novice or expert. And come to the practice with a Beginner’s Mind to make room for learning and discovery.

Adopting an attitude of Growth Mindset. We can improve skills with practice.

Progress not Perfection: Myth of perfection- Practice! Anything you do is progress

Not enough Time? Perception that we don’t have enough of it. We choose what to do each day.

Choose Joy rather than a chore. Are you making nature journaling a “have to” or a “want to”?

Break the backlog: release the guilt. DO it only if it bring you joy! Otherwise, let it go.

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