Micro world of Mosses (video)

This week, one of our members, Victoria Grape will be sharing her passion for mosses. These diminutive organisms live in an entire universe unseen by most of us. Victoria will take us into the micro forest so we can get to know the incredible diversity, beauty, and magic of mosses.

About our guest:

Victoria Grape has a background in ecology and ethnobotany. Some years ago she worked in Cambodia on ethnobotanical knowledge and land-use rights as linked to women’s health sovereignty. This work was followed by carbon flux modeling in Panama (essentially how soil and tree communities “breathe” and how climate change affects that flux). Most recently her work has been on plant community relationships in response to changing climate and land-use practices in the alpine and coastal areas of Norway.

After completing her studies, Victoria began teaching a couple of nature journaling classes, doing some illustration jobs and a bit of hired fieldwork in Norway, and finally landed in France where her family is restoring a small working farm to provide nature-friendly fruit, nuts, and cut flowers to the local community. 

“It’s in Norway that I fell in love with mosses and got the chance to study their personalities and characteristics very closely. Time and time again I am mesmerized by their beauty, ingenuity, and humble 350 million year history! 

What really lights me up: The still moments…even in the midst of a strong storm. Awe descends on you when you are truly there in the present moment, open and listening. The vibrancy of nature speaks directly to you.” 

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