More Words: Adding Poetry to your Nature Journal (Video)

By incorporating words with pictures, the nature journal become more that a record of an experience, but tells a story of what happened during time in nature.

This Sunday we’ll look at using descriptive words, simile, and simple poetry in our nature journal pages.

Simple Poem: Who am I?

We made a list of as many analogies about our nature subject as we could come up with. Then we plugged those analogies into a poem template, to create a nature poem.

Adapted from activity “Ten Analogies” from Opening the world through Nature Journaling, by John Muir Laws. Available for download at

Example Poem:

Chalky, tree stump
Secretly you are a bowl for fairies
An ant thinks you like a swimming pool
When I saw you in a dream,
I thought you were the submerged volcanic crater of Molokini
But everyone knows you are really
An entire planet home for miniature invertebrates

Recording of Session

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