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Do you enjoy the benefits of nature journaling?

Have you awakened your awareness in nature to see and hear things more vividly?

Have your drawing skills sharpened through nature journaling?

Have you felt more joy, wonder, and excitement for life?

Then YOU can pass this gift to others in our community!

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I’m Melinda and my mission is to reconnect people to nature, to experience their inner spark and start seeing the world through new eyes.

I do this through nature journaling, a practice that bridges nature, science, and art and opens our eyes to wonder and curiosity.

I lead the Monterey Nature Journal Club virtual Sunday sessions, and offer free workshops. I teach nature journaling courses, offer private and group mentoring, and make classroom visits.

I also train and empower teachers wanting to incorporate nature journaling in the classroom.

Be a Nature Journaling Advocate! Join me in sharing free and affordable nature journaling experiences to our community and beyond.

Your donation, small or large, makes a difference. And makes it possible for me to continue inspiring wonder, curiosity, and a love for nature.

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