Virtual sessions- Monterey Bay Nature Journal Club

Weekly Nature Journaling

Live on Zoom Conferencing
Sundays at 9:30AM Pacific Time, US

All are welcome!

Format of the morning:

  1. 9:30am Pacific Log into Zoom meeting: I’ll share some ideas, do a demonstration and offer a nature journaling prompt
  2. We log off and journal in our own nearby nature or indoors.
  3. At 11:30am Pacific we log back into Zoom (same meeting ID) for community connecting and journal sharing.

Join Our Meeting live online


Sundays at 09:30 AM Pacific (US and Canada)

Please check calendar for dates and topics


Meeting ID: 604 293 250
Password: nature

Suggested $20 donation. Thank you for supporting efforts to bring nature journaling to others and creating a more nature-connected global community.

Melinda Nakagawa

Time with nature is deeply healing, calms the nervous system, and brings us into the present moment (instead of in the thoughts bouncing around in our heads!).

Nature journaling is about observing nature, feeling nature, using all our senses to see what we might have not seen otherwise. We use drawing not as art but rather as a way to communicate our experience, to strengthen our observation skills, make notes and get curious!

Nature Journaling with others brings us together in community. Each person’s observations are shared with others and increses the learning for the whole group and deepens our relationships with the natural world.

So, spending time in nature, whether its gazing out your window, tending to your houseplants or garden, sitting outside listening to birds, or nature journaling, it all works! Nature promotes well-being and enriches the lives of our families and communities.

Richard Louv, author of The Last Child in the Woods, and The Nature Principle writes about the effects of nature deficit disorder in children and in adults, and that time in Nature is deeply healing on many levels. He calls it Vitamin N for Nature.

Let’s all get some Vitamin N in our nearby nature! Bring paper or journal, pen or pencil and invite your family and friends.

“I’d recommend this to anyone interested in nature journaling. Melinda hosts a group in nearby Monterey and is an excellent guide. She’s a marine biologist and has been leading groups for a long time. I was in her meeting this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. Check it out.”
Brian H. of The Great Valley Nature Journal Club