Trusting yourself: Listening and tuning into your heart

There’s something that I’ve been experiencing and getting more clarity about and I’d like to share with you. Its about trusting ourselves.

My life has been an incredible journey going from NOT knowing what I truly wanted to having beautiful access to my deep, heartfelt knowing.

So much of my earlier life, I prioritized other people’s needs before my own. I felt guilty for even thinking about my own needs, and losing myself in the process. It is understandable that I lived this way because my mother modeled this behavior.

But over the years was introduced to new way of living, and gradually became more able to relax.

I learned how to release this mistaken and unbalanced way, to recognize my own needs, lessen the guilt, and to give myself permission to listen to them.

It could be as simple as recognizing that I need to get something to eat, or take a nap. Or perhaps recognizing that I’m doing something I don’t even want to because someone else wants me

As I’ve developed my ability to listen to my heart, and learning to trust that voice, I found that solutions to problems would just appear more and more frequently, I could make decisions effortlessly, and life flows better. It’s like tapping into my own personal guidance system.

There are of course times where I slip back and lose myself and get caught up in the mental whirlpools of chattering thoughts, urging me to keep busy. These voices drown out the gentle voice of my heart.

When I catch myself, I return to the practices that help me step out of the mind, and down into the heart.

And, I turn to nature to come home to myself.

lt could be a breath of fresh air, a mindful sensory walk, or nature journaling. Afterward, I can see and hear more clearly what my next right steps are.

Contour drawings help calm me down, let go of perfection in drawing, and bring me to the moment.

There are so many more ways to return to your inner wisdom.

If you resonate with this, and desire to come to ease and clarity in your life, join me for the Reclaiming your Embodied Power, summit this week, Aug 7-12, where 8 heart-led women share how they align to the themselves and higher wisdom.

I’ve been invited on Day 5 to share how nature journaling helps bring me to my center, regain clarity and tapping into my inner guidance system.

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PS__ All the recordings will be accessible without a time limit! Please check out the list of heart-led entrepreneurs who share their ways of reclaiming their embodied power.

with love and gratitude, Melinda

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