Bustling Spring, and moments of stillness

I invite you to open your mind to this idea: Time for rest is necessary for productivity, creativity and clarity. I know it may sound counter-intuitive. But here’s what I’ve been pondering recently.

I have been noticing a feeling in my body in the past couple of weeks this spring. It’s a time of bustling energy in nature and in my life– yet I recognize that I want to slow down–no, I actually want to stop…and rest…. breathe, sleep, play, to just be.

And then the voice in my head that orders me around says:

“You can’t rest! You’ve got all this you have to do still” and “How will you earn enough money if you don’t hustle? Get busy, not lazy!” 

Sometimes the words are shorter but its the same feeling. Its unkind and demanding.

Sometimes the thoughts are so quick, it’s actually a sensation that shocks me. “keep busy, keep doing”. This message is a habit for me– and is supported in the work world, too.

Most days I can temper this internally, but recently I have been feeling weary. Perhaps it is due to the additional emotions issues that have come up in my family- or the dog being sick, or raising a teenager, or running a business myself, or all of the above!

I know the answer for me is usually found in nature. And only if I can unplug from the busy-ness, get outside and listen. Focusing on my senses, what do I smell, see, hear and touch can bring me out of the chatter in my head and into the here and now.

So, yesterday during a walk and watching the various birds chirping and fluttering around, a thought popped into my head.

The guidance from nature was this-

YES. Spring IS a busy time of year bursting with activity– AND there is slow down time, too.

There is ebb and flow in activity level.

The birds are busy courting and building nests in earlier in spring.

But soon, they lay eggs and incubate them.

During nesting, this quiet time, they replenish their energetic reserves which were drained from courting, nest-building and egg laying (lots of resources to make a clutch of eggs!). 

They appear to be “doing nothing” but so much is happening!

While the mother bird sits the eggs are transforming– growing from yolks into chicks.

The parent rests now in preparation for hatching time in a few weeks. At that time they must locate and deliver hundreds of insects to hungry mouths all day long, and defend the chicks from danger.

Natures Rhythms

Nature moves in cycles–rhythmically dancing between on and off, fast and slow.

Nature ebbs and flows like the ocean waves and the tides as it oscillates back and forth. So too, can we follow nature’s example to dance between activity and inactivity.

So, to follow nature’s example,

  • Can I allow myself a short period to nest?? Just temporarily? Take a short nature break or a walk without my cell phone? Or do something fun that brings me joy?
  • Can I let go of the fear of non-doing?
  • Can I listen to my inner voice who’s craving the rest, and play, replenishment so that I can have the energy for the next burst of spring growth?

Do you sense this desire too? Do you crave rest? Do you allow it? If so, what does this rest look like for you? 

If not, why not? And can you experiment and allow yourself 30 minutes? 15 minutes?

Ebb time

Ebb and Flow does not mean you’ll lose momentum on your work, but the opposite. The rest is necessary for the productivity.

Will you unplug from the busyness- step away from the computer turn off your cell phone. Then, step outside or open the window. Take a few breaths. Listen, feel, smell……

Please Share with us what you do for your ebb time. How do you feel after a short break?

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Photo: Oak and Pine forest, Pacific Grove California. Melinda Nakagawa. All other photos from pexels.com

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