Spark your Curiosity: Nature Journaling online course-March 2021

Do You:

Enjoy nature but don’t know what you’re seeing?

Want to be more confident in drawing nature?

Want to start a nature journal but don’t know how?

Join the Intro to Nature Journaling course

Here’s what we’ll explore in this introductory class live online in a small group class:

We’ll explore:

  • basics of keeping a nature journal,
  • what tools to use,
  • practice techniques to improve sensory awareness,
  • improve drawing and naturalist skills,
  • learn how to move beyond potential mental roadblocks,
  • and learn how to cultivate this practice in your life.

After this class, you will have gained the tools to:

  • see nature more deeply and develop naturalist skills
  • be more confident in drawing and recording nature in your journal.
  • know how to set up your nature journal pages
  • cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder
  • deeper sense of connection with the natural world
  • have a tool kit of activities for further developing your skills

And if you are someone who thinks they can’t draw, not to worry. Drawing is a skill that improves with some guidance and practice, so anyone CAN learn to draw.

In nature journaling, we focus on the process (of observing nature) over creating a product (of a pretty page). Join us and you’ll get the basics to get started building your skills!

Class Details

Thursdays, 4pm-5:15pm Pacific

Six sessions: March 4, 18, April 1, 8, 15, and 22

Class tuition: $179

  • 6 weekly live online sessions (recordings will be available)
  • Private group for the class: digital bulletin board to share pages, and ask questions between classes
  • Class handouts
  • Recordings of all classes

Supplies Needed: A sketchbook, pencil and/or pen.

Other optional items: Colored pencils or watercolor, with water brush

Class topics:

Nature Journaling Foundations:

  • What, why, where, and How of Nature Journaling
  • Three languages: Words, Pictures, and Numbers
  • Quieting the inner critic
  • Observational drawing techniques
  • Using Senses: Hearing, seeing, touching
  • Cultivating a nature journal practice
  • Sketching warm-up practices to train your eye and hand
  • Live demonstrations of nature journaling
  • Activities and prompts

To register:

Any questions? Email Melinda:


After your payment is received you will get email confirmation.

Payment options and tuition assistance available, please ask.
If you’d like to help a fellow nature journaler attend this class, donations to the scholarship fund are grateful accepted.

Your instructor: Melinda Nakagawa

Hi, I’m Melinda. I’ve committed much of my life to guiding people into nature so they can developing a deeper relationship with the natural world. Nature journaling bridges nature, art, and science together. It expands our understanding of nature and creates lasting memories.

You CAN learn to draw and write! Its a skill that improves with guidance and practice.

I’ve kept a nature journal for over 22 years, and it evolved quite a bit over that time. Let me share with you what I have learned on my journey, so you can jump right into nature journaling with confidence!

What students are saying about this class:

“Melinda has a great way of acknowledging all levels and honoring them. I appreciated her science background and how she encouraged us.” -Laura Callaghan

“Your classes have made me a better observer and added so much quality to my life.  You’ve helped me to enjoy rather than just work in my garden, and see the diversity of life around me.  Thank you so much.” – Della Bossart

“My drawing confidence has increased tremendously. I definitely see nature with a new lens. I’m more curious (and I am already pretty curious!) Melinda is super encouraging and very knowledgeable as well as experienced. I love that she shows us her own process in the live video classes and shared her journal pages with us. Very inspiring!” – Gurusurya Kaur

“Melinda breaks everything down really simply and explains things well. She demonstrate things well and is very supportive and encouraging. I am now more confident in how to and what to journal. The class kept me engaged in completing pages throughout the week.” -Hollie Mansfield

“This class exposed me to many elements of art and drawing in digestible and non-threatening ways. As a result of the class, I am more observant and curious and I notice more things in nature than I did before. Melinda opened my eyes and mind to the fun of nature journaling. Her helpful comments about the flexibility of nature journaling freed me from intimidation and judgment.” -Constance Constable

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  • Hello I am highly interested in taking your class with my 10-year-old daughter we have been looking for something like this for a long time but unfortunately we are not able to make the live scheduled times work for us that you were offering in March and April is it possible to just purchase the recorded links? We are going on vacation for two weeks I would love to be able to do this while we are traveling with her please let me know thank you so much

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