Spark you Curiosity Level 2: Stoke the Fire

After Level 1 course, continue to expand and reinforce your nature journal skills.

Keep your practice going

Practice and learn with others!

Join the Spark your Curiosity with Nature Journaling Level 2 course

Open to those who’ve completed Intro to Nature Journaling Level 1 course.

We’ll integrate and deepen what we’ve covered so far:

  • Foundations for keeping a nature journal
  • Practice techniques to improve sensory awareness,
  • Reinforce your drawing and naturalist skills,
  • Move beyond potential mental roadblocks,
  • Cultivate this practice in your life.

And learn new topics:

  • Words: Labels, analogies, thoughts, observations, and more
  • Pictures: Drawings, diagrams, and icons
  • Numbers: Measurements, counts, estimates, and more
  • Build on your observations-what to do next to deepen exploration
  • Get outside: Gear, supplies, tips on field sketching
  • Knowledge of Place: from Soil to Sky, Maps, landscapes
  • Continuing your nature journal practice, sharing to learn
  • Observational drawings: Birds, Flowers, and plants

After this class, you will have gained the tools to:

  • see nature more deeply and develop naturalist skills
  • be more confident in drawing and recording nature in your journal.
  • know how to set up your nature journal pages
  • cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder
  • deeper sense of connection with the natural world
  • have a tool kit of activities for further developing your skills

And if you are someone who thinks they can’t draw, not to worry. Drawing is a skill that improves with some guidance and practice, so anyone CAN learn to draw.

In nature journaling, we focus on the process (of observing nature) over creating a product (of a pretty page). Join us and you’ll get the basics to get started building your skills!

Class Details

Weekly: Dates to be determined.

Dates: Next session TBD

  • 6 live online sessions, twice a month (recordings available)
  • Private group for the class: digital bulletin board to share pages, and ask questions between classes
  • Class handouts
  • Recordings of all classes

Supplies Needed: Have a journal, and pencils.

Other optional items: Colored pencils or watercolor. Water brush

Payment options and tuition assistance available, please ask.
If you’d like to help a fellow nature journaler attend this class, donations to the scholarship fund are grateful accepted.

Your instructor: Melinda Nakagawa

Hi, I’m Melinda. I’ve committed much of my life to guiding people into nature so they can developing a deeper relationship with the natural world. Nature journaling bridges nature, art, and science together. It expands our understanding of nature and creates lasting memories.

I’ve kept a nature journal for over 22 years, and its evolved quite a bit over that time. Let me share with you what I have learned on my journey, so you can jump right into nature journaling with confidence!

What students are saying about this class:

“Melinda has a great way of acknowledging all levels and honoring them. I appreciated her science background and how she encouraged us.” -Laura Callaghan

“My drawing confidence has increased tremendously. I definitely look at nature with a new lens. I’m more curious (and I am already pretty curious!) Melinda is super encouraging and very knowledgeable as well as experienced (she’s been journaling for years and years). I love that she shows us her own process in the live video classes and shared her journal pages with us. Very inspiring!” – Gurusurya Kaur

“Melinda breaks everything down really simply and explains things well. She demonstrate things well and is very supportive and encouraging. I am now more confident in how to and what to journal. The class kept me engaged in completing pages throughout the week.” -Hollie Mansfield

“This class exposed me to many elements of art and drawing in digestible and non-threatening ways. As a result of the class, I am more observant and curious and I notice more things in nature than I did before. Melinda opened my eyes and mind to the fun of nature journaling. Her helpful comments about the flexibility of nature journaling freed me from intimidation and judgment.” -Constance Constable

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