Fresh new eyes on ordinary nature

I went out for a walk with my dog and was so taken by the beauty in nature that I had to start nature journaling while walking in the beach!

I always have my nature journal bag with me–its a messenger bag with my journal, pens, watercolor and other tools. I never know when I’ll be inspired by nature.

If I don’t journal in the field, I most likely will not journal the experience at all. Even if its a really cool thing, its so easily forgotten when I return home.

Exploring ordinary nature with a nature journal

If I don’t have my full journal bag, I take a small pad of paper- or journal page cut into about 4inch x 5 inch and clipped together with a binder clip.

Sketches and observations during my walk.
I added color and finishing notes and reflections later in the day. The waves crashing were so beautiful and yet really tough to record! the pen was done at the beach, and i filled in color from memory–
Often I take photo references so I can get the color later. I forgot this time so all the color was from memory.

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