Nature Journaling at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary (Video)

Monterey Bay Nature Journal Club (MBNJC) took a virtual nature journaling trip to Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, in Northampton and Southampton, Massachusetts. MBNJC member and Arcadia Art House Director Jan Ruby-Crystal guided us through the woodlands, meadows, grasslands, and wetlands.

We sketched through the stations along the Art House Trail, learning about the fundamentals of drawing, in the context of nature, and how this can enhance our nature journals!

Nature Journaling in observing nature and recording what we experience. We do this with a combination of words, pictures, and numbers.

Photo and slides PDFs

Jan Ruby-Crystal has made her slides available to you, below. You can watch the video to listen and sketch along! Thank you, Jan!

Introduction to Arcadia– Map, habitat types, plants and animals overview

Art House Trail slides and photos

Wildlife images of Arcadia–Additional photos of wildlife for your nature journaling pleasure!

Mass Audubon Website

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