Trying a new perspective: Belly sit spot

I decided to take a suggestion to do a sit spot into my yard in a place I had not visited yet, or a place to see with a new perspective. 

The three ceanothus shrubs in my lawn, full of pale blue blossoms and busy with animal life seemed like a good spot. I got down low to get a different perspective. Lying on my belly beside the ceanothus, I peered underneath, imagining myself as a sparrow hopping around the low branches. Looking at the trunk and peering upward into the branches of the canopy, I saw specks of sunlight shining through the leaves, and dancing on the grass. A tiny spider crawled along a blade of grass only 3 inches long, but what must be 20 feet to him. It felt cool and shady here where it’s protected from the heat of the sun. 

Suddenly something caught my eye- something underneath a ceanothus leaf. It was the teeny tiniest wooly caterpillar I have ever seen! It was about the size of a rice grain, covered with clusters of bristles that were gray and pale yellow. “Are you a tussock moth caterpillar?” I asked. It was almost too small for me to tell- I’d have to wait til it grew bigger! Then, another caterpillar of a different kind, and then a white fly with a cluster of eggs. Whoa! The backs of leaves provide an entire world down here! 

The TINIEST caterpillar!

Can you find a spot in your nearby nature where you can get a new perspective? Under a shrub, or in a tree? Down low on your belly or on your tiptoes?

2 thoughts on “Trying a new perspective: Belly sit spot”

  • wish u could along for a walk in my current backyard: The Tongass National Forest! A bit intimidating for a nature journaler-wanna-bee-buzzzzzzzzz

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